Zürich UShare

We are looking for a Pavilion to play in Zürich.

Would you like to share yours? Your team will play for free!

Let us explain to you the details.

You share your Halle

We organize additional Teams

Your full team plays for free!

Get your League ready

The League

We bring the League to your SportHalle.
We will organise with you how the full League will work, as well how many teams and rounds will be played in your Pavilion.

The Equipment

We will provide everything for you: teams, referees, equipment, assistment, balls,... and trophies.

Keeping Track

Ergebnisse, Klassifikationen und Statistiken werden im Web aktualisiert.

Do we have a Match?

Your Team

In order to ensure all games, 7 players are recommended. We can arrange new teammates for you in case you are not enough!

Your Pitch

Your SportHalle should get a minimum size and be equiped with proper goals.


Your Indoor SportHalle is 2 or more hours per week and for at least three months.

For free

Your team will play for free.

Get personalised assistance



Wir organisieren wöchentlichen Spielen, unter Sicherstellung des Fair Play in einem Amateur-Wettbewerb.
Wenn du allein kommen möchtest, sei nicht schüchtern. Wir finden ein Team für dich.