Monday, 20-22h

from Jun 12. 2023


Monday, 20-22h

from October 30. 2023


Pavilion requested

Would you like to share yours? Your team will play for free!

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Take part in the best Futsal league

Fair play

Our main goal is that all people can enjoy the league with safety. Good attitude and respect are our key values.


Unique technology will be applied to improve your experience. Let us surprise you.

4 vs 4 matches

Join with your work colleagues or best friends. If they are not football fans, let us help you in finding a team.

weekly competition

Make your week shorter with an evening match.
Get there after your work, or your classes with easy timetables.

Easy access inside Zürich city

Matches will be organized in a fixed location which is convenient to reach by public transport from anywhere within the city.

Keeping track

We will organize a referee in every match.
Results, classification and statistics will be updated on the web.

Forget Weather Forecasts

Despite the rainy and cold weather, the indoor installations guarantee always playing in the same conditions.

Enrich your Company values

Join with your Company. Strengthen the relationships with your workmates and the values of effort, motivation and teambuilding.

How a match works in six steps

Team requirements

1. Requirements

Numbered Sport Equipment

Sport shoes for Indoor Surface

Personal Accident Insurance

Match Schedule

2. Game schedule

Tournament is once a week

Matches start at 18h, 19h, 20h or 21h

Timetable will be published on Web

Match preparation

3. Match preparation

Referee will assist you

Balls and other stuff will be provided

Match timeline

4. Timeline of a game

Match is divided in two halves

Each half will last twenty minutes

Five minutes break between halves

Match rules

5. The game

Three field players and goalkeeper

Substitutions are unlimited

Lines delimit the field (no ball bounces)

Match updates

6. After game

Results will be uploaded to the web

Statistics will be shown by team

News and highlights will be published

Promote Your Company

Discover why and how to sponsor a team

Our promotion plans just implies covering your (or an independent) team games.

Check up on our different modalities how to gain visibility in our Leagues!

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Zürich UShare

We are looking for a Pavilion to play in Zürich.

Would you like to share yours? Your team will play for free!

Let us explain to you the details.

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